ravoli is friend

there is no...god

If I eat enough avocado will i die and meet The First Millenial?

My entire world revolves around the way Reba McIntyre (?) pronounces the word "ice"

idk who needs to hear this rn but...

be an adult and clean ur gotdam pillows n sheets

Amazing how no one knows how old I am on here, I could be 16 or 34 and either one of those numbers would greatly change who I am in your mind 

"Create the Content you wish to see in the world"


I'm so tired of the concept of $7/hr minimum wage

that's a scam, you can't even buy a pair of socks for that much

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Lactose intolerant people be like:


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the good ol' days

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did you edit

a tiny jacket onto the ravioli?

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uh no he was actually there 

he's the 7th member

Jesus' 10 commandments

1) It is not required to Juul on my titties this sunday afternoon

When cishetmen hug eachother they are required by law to beat the shit out of eachother's back I don't make the rules

If I think and wish hard enough do you think I can will a zit to form between Trump's asscheeks?

Hard to imagine you could be put away and called a dirty criminal for something like carrying weed but some dude eats some people and white girls are like "he's hot" 

I've only touched like 9 cats in my whole life and I'm terrified of the prospect that I may run into another one someday

I've only touched like 9 cats in my whole life and I'm terrified of the prospect that I may run into another one someday

I don’t know how to tie my shoes

I only wear Velcro 

it makes a funky sound 

like this;





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*epically PoWns a Gamer Boy*

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*takes a Bow*

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give that back it's from my Jojo Siwa Collection

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look comrades, able-bodied CisHet white men are the minority now, we can take 'em

Can't believe Big Mouth (a show were children characters are constantly nude and in sexual situations) crossed the line! Yikes!

can't wait to dress up for halloween and sit on my couch doing nothing with my dog like I have to do now since I'm "too old" for trick or treating

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Man wording the new NSFW bit of the TOS is gonna be a giant pain in the ass

For those who weren't in the Discord when we discussed it:

Basically no payment provider allows their clients to host adult content. That's probably part of why Tumblr etc banned it. Obviously, we're not down with banning it, so we need to like. Be sneaky in the rules by making it sound as if it's not allowed but leave obvious loopholes for it to be posted. It's dumb as fuck but I wanna pay off my credit card at some point so.

So basically, officially we need to ban NSFW while making it a very obvious wink wink nudge nudge thing that actually you can still post it and won't be punished for it unless it breaks one of the other rules. 

The problem is no matter how I word it, some fuckwit on Tumblr will cherry pick a section and go "SEE THEY'RE BANNING PORN NOW THEY'VE GOT USERS I TOLD YOU LMAO". 

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secret titties are still good titties

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Guess who's gettin' strapped in this haunted chilli's tonight

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trapped in a haunted chilli's 

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made a friend in this haunted chilli's tonight

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ate ass in this haunted chilli's tonight

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met god in this haunted chilli's tonight