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Alright, here we fucking go then. 

I've stated many, many, M A N Y times that I'm not manually intervening on URLs. That is all handled by a bot. If I'm spending all my day freeing up URLs, I'm getting nothing done ever. I'm not doing it myself. Just fucking be patient. 

Second, the site is three months old and not even finished. People registering, not liking the site, and holding off until it was more complete was an anticipated scenario when I started. Once again - three months old. That's below the absolute minimum inactivity threshhold I've stated publicly for the bot to consider you inactive by quite a margin.

Once the site reaches something I consider usable, THEN I'll start letting the script run after a month or so. Until then, jesus christ calm your tits. 

Also I'm gonna go on record real quick that going passive aggressive and trying to publicly shame me into doing stuff is a tactic that absolutely never works. Don't bring shitty attitudes like that over from Tumblr, please.