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*Over the Cruise Ship Intercomm*

Good morning, bastards 

If will direct your attention to your copy of the #GayAgenda (akjdnkjahfjadhf) you'll see that we have Bridge and Crochet at 10:30, followed by the conversion of babies at 11, and intimate hand holding at 11:45. Lunch will be served at noon!

That's the sea, Sis! 

Blue raspberry isn't real

some dumbass forgot what a blackberry was 


*puts on gucci sunglasses*

"SO last season"

Me? I'm a simple man

I see an ass?

I eat it.

Waterfall Kickstarter:

all of us:

Coconut gets a bad rep from pop culture and I don't understand it, coconut cake is good you're all just cowards with no taste

It is no longer July

Time for the gays to hibernate until next year

*walks into an old saloon with my cowboy pistol*

"which one a y'all is Triple Nipple Dan?"

Triple Nipple Dan:

Dont worry ladies

I just put my balls in the condominion too just to be safe 

Sick of this shit

wanna be hamberger 

*italian fingers*

madanera saws

Time to rise up, Gays

the moon is waxing and the power is in our court 

rob a bank, disenfranchise the unfair government 

Every straight man owes me an $8 inconvenience fee

New Decree

"Masachussettess" is Gay now

An Anonymous user asked:

I h8 you

ravioli -

it is alright

today you are granted forgiveness

antares-deactivated-2019MayMon-190520040535-1139 -

which homestuck is responsible for this show yourself



thank you

we are



have no sadness

or hapiness

perhaps its better

to be humin


comes in many shape

many chunky pockets

some are lean

all ravioli

are good ravioli

you are all good ravioli

I require



deliver unto me


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ravioli babi

evilbog -


ravioli -



no one


then I