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Me at my computer @ 3 am:

weak little man comes to my door

"You Opress Me"! he says

I spit on him

*ptoo* (spit sound)

he crys because I am strong with big teeth

I am the "ALpha Male" now

talked to a girl (female?) today


h*ck capitalism 

return to olde systems of trade and balance

Hey Y'all I could use some help right now

chanceydoesstuff -

I've been trying to make it until august but I can't wait, my computer has been cracked and on it's last leg for 4 months, my phone died yesterday and now won't turn on. I can't share my art or run my business without either of them so I need to fix one or the other in order to make some kind of income. 

I've got some stickers for sale here:

https://www.instagram.com/p/BnpG8oLhyCg/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://chanceydoesstuff.tumblr.com/post/184255551496/babe-the-blue-ox-stickers-will-be-available-soon

I've got commissions open, here's a link to my prices:


and here's my Ko-fi with my computer goal:


Please reblog if you can! here are some examples of my art

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Good fortune wished upon you and yours

do not waste it

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I may be an idiot

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no butt

i have been eating chicken,

~since my youth

I Now Have absorbed the strength of hundreds,

~of chickens

enough strength and, soon,

~I will be unstoppabal

i have been eating chicken,

~since my youth

I Now Have absorbed the strength of hundreds,

~of chickens

enough strength and, soon,

~I will be unstoppabal

ravoli has no jokes today

pease enjoy selfie

An Anonymous user asked:

ravioli isn't even a good form of italian food, shit man I can't. Like who in their right mind would invent the most usless and disgusting piece of food in existence? Theres like so many other italian style dishes to fulfill anyone's dietary itch other than the shitstain that is ravioli. It's ridiculous, you should be ashamed. even gnocci is more respectable than ravioli!! making gnocci you repsect it because you work hard for it! it tastes better knowing that you actually had to learn something, ravioli you just bullshit your way through. I hate ravioli


An Anonymous user asked:

Ravioli put that gun down you're going to hurt someone >:(

ravoli is no fool

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please, please come into my humble abode, traveler. you must be exhausted

why not have a rest on my most comfortable bed...?

ravioli -

oh yes

how quaint

ravioli -

oh yes

quite comfi

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you've been deemed


disasterbisexual asked:

I have some ravioli if you want any


marvusxoloto asked:

so uh. dare I ask.... what is inside the ravoli?


is Stored 


the ravoli



An Anonymous user asked:

I dub you the new Gaud of this realm

ravoli is friend!! there is no god!


you can't have lgbrt